Forensic Psychological Services

  • Forensic Evaluations: Forensic Psychology is an area of specialized practice that applies the science and profession of psychology to questions and issues relating to law and the legal system. Forensic psychologists often provide evaluation and/or treatment services to aid the justice system in civil or criminal matters. Forensic psychologists also serve as consultants and expert witnesses for attorneys and the courts. Forensic psychological evaluation is a complex process that involves extensive interviewing, collection of collateral information, review of relevant records and psychological testing. Dr. Luizza makes certain that her conceptualizations and recommendations are backed by evidence, research, and case law. Dr. Luizza offers the following services:

      • Competency/Fitness to Stand Trial Evaluations

      • Criminal Responsibility/Insanity Evaluations

      • Military Diversion Evaluations

      • Mental Health Diversion Evaluations

      • Psychosexual Evaluations

      • Pretrial and Sentencing Mitigation Evaluations

      • Violence Risk Assessments

      • Independent Medical Evaluations
  • Court-Ordered Treatment: When mental health conditions contribute to maladaptive or dangerous behavior, affect the way a person treats others, or increase the risk of recidivism, a court may order treatment as an alternative to jail or prison time. A court may also compel treatment if a person is deemed a risk to themselves or others. State laws governing court-mandated treatment vary, as do the programs a person might complete as part of court-ordered treatment. Dr. Luizza offers the following court-ordered treatment services:

      • Drug and Alchohol Treatment

      • Domestic Violence Treatment

      • Sexual Dysfunction Treatment