Clinical Psychological Services

  • Psychological Assessment: Psychological assessments provide information about an individual’s emotional, intellectual, behavioral, and/or academic/occupational strengths and challenges. With this information, Dr. Luizza can help an individual(s) better understand their psychological functioning and generate recommendations to improve and/or compensate challenges. Psychological assessments offer insight as to the severity of a particular issue or concern and of the capacity for optimal functioning. Assessments can help determine appropriate diagnoses, treatment planning, and/or testing and school accommodations. Each psychological assessment includes a clinical interview, administration, scoring, and interpretation of all test measures, a comprehensive psychological report with recommendations, and feedback session with Dr. Luizza. Dr. Luizza offers the following testing services:
      • Psychodiagnostic Determination

      • Personality Structure and Psychopathology Evaluations

      • Learning & Intellectual Disorder/ADHD Evaluations

      • School or Testing Accommodations Evaluations

      • Alcohol and Drug Evaluations

      • Psychological, Neuropsychological, and Psychoeducational Testing (Full Battery)

  • Psychotherapy: Our childhood experiences shape the way we view and experience ourselves, others, and the world. When we understand why we think, feel, and behave the way we do, we can begin to accept our past and enjoy our present. Dr. Luizza uses the past strategically to connect the dots to today’s unhelpful patterns that are no longer serving you and causing distress in your life. By gaining insight into how our past influences our present, we can make more mindful decisions and take control of how we respond to the world around us. Using a personalized and nonjudgmental approach, Dr. Luizza will work with you collaboratively on confronting and processing unresolved inner conflicts and trauma, identifying and changing self-defeating patterns, developing healthier ways to manage emotions and challenging situations, and uncovering the underlying meanings, desires, and motivations of your thoughts and behaviors. The healing nature of the therapeutic relationship is a pivotal part of the work we will do together. How you relate and respond to your therapist usually mirrors how you behave in other relationships. By working on these dynamics within the therapeutic relationship, Dr. Luizza’s goal is to create a safe holding environment in which you’re able to have a corrective emotional experience that you can internalize and take with you. Dr. Luizza provides therapeutic services to adolescents and adults with a wide range of emotional, behavioral, academic, legal, and/or professional issues. Dr. Luizza works closely with psychiatrists, psychologists, and other agencies to determine how to best treat and care for her clients. Each psychotherapy session with Dr. Luizza is estimated to be approximately 50 minutes in her office or via telehealth, whichever you are most comfortable with. Dr. Luizza’s therapeutic specialties are:

      • Depression and Anxiety

      • Emotional Dysregulation

      • Relationship Issues

      • Attachment Trauma

      • Substance Abuse and Addiction